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            What is Schedule & Save?

            Shoplet.com allows you to schedule orders in advance, saving on the products you use frequently. Our program offers customizable delivery options and comes with absolutely zero commitments.

            How does scheduling orders in advance save me money?

            Various discounts are often offered on items scheduled for advance delivery. Promotions are displayed on the individual product page of the items in your order.

            Does signing up lock the price I will pay?

            Each order will reflect the cost of the item on the day the order is processed (less available discount), plus any applicable sales tax.

            What payment methods can I use for Schedule & Save orders?

            We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments for all Schedule & Save orders. Net Term customers will be billed in the normal course when an order is processed.

            When do I pay for my Schedule & Save order?

            You will be charged when your order is processed and scheduled for delivery.

            What are your delivery schedule options?

            Scheduled orders are available in one week, two week, three week, one month, two month, three month, six month or even custom time intervals.

            When will I get my first order?

            Your first shipment will be processed and delivered as soon as you sign up for the program and place your first order.

            What happens after I get my first shipment?

            Orders are automatically processed on the schedule you selected. We will notify you before each order ships, giving you the opportunity to make any updates or changes to your program settings (i.e. skip a delivery, change frequency, etc).

            How do I update my scheduling options?

            You may change your scheduling options at any time by going to your Account Center and clicking on the ‘Schedule & Save’ link.

            How do I cancel Schedule & Save?

            You may cancel scheduled orders at any time by going to your Account Center and clicking on the ‘Schedule & Save’ link. You will only be charged for orders that have been processed in advance of your election to change or suspend participation in the program.

            Where can I read the full Terms and Conditions?

            Please see our Terms and Conditions page.

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