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            How do I see my Order History & Tracking Info?

            Sign in to your account to view your past orders and click on the link containing your tracking number. As an added convenience, you can re-order frequently purchased item(s) automatically without the extra steps of entering the item(s) into a shopping basket and entering your account information. Simply click on the "Re-order" link and enter your payment information.

            How do I generate a Price Quote?

            You can generate a price quote before making a purchase. Simply add the desired product(s) to your shopping basket and when checking out, instead of entering your credit card information, select "Save as Quote" for the payment method. This will generate a quote number and give you pricing (including shipping & handling charges). Please be advised saved price quotes are for customer reference only. They will not be recognized as orders and will not be shipped unless converted into an order from customer account.

            How do I cancel my order?

            To cancel all or part of your order you will need to contact us before your order has shipped. However, please be aware that the window for cancellation is very small because we ship orders very quickly. Simply contact us about your cancellation or call us at 0844 238 0012 between 8 am - 8 pm (EST) Monday - Friday with your confirmation number and the canceled or changed quantity. If the order has already been shipped, do not refuse the package. Call us for your return number so that we may ensure your package returns safely. Shoplet.com will not be responsible for any packages that are lost in transit due to refusal or returns without return authorization. Your credit card will be refunded once the warehouse receives the package (please keep your tracking number).

            When will my back order arrive?

            Once we have verified your payment, your order is sent to the warehouse to be fulfilled. If your item is in stock, your order will be Shipped within 24-48 hours. Occasionally, certain products that we offer are not available. To find out about your back ordered items please contact us or call us at 0844 238 0012 Monday-Friday 8 am - 8 pm (EST). Please make sure you have the following information available:

            • Original order number (if possible)
            • Your daytime phone number
            • The e-mail address used to make the order

            Can I order to APO / FPO addresses?

            Shoplet.com accepts APO and FPO orders for most products. Please place your order normally. We will automatically use United States Postal Service shipping instead of UPS shipping. Please allow 5-10 additional days for delivery. FPO/APO orders DO NOT qualify for free freight. APO and FPO orders will be charged additional freight. The cost of APO/FPO orders will be assessed after the transaction is captured.

            How do I re-order?

            As an added convenience, now you can re-order frequently purchased item(s) automatically after signing-in without the extra steps of adding item(s) to your shopping basket and entering your account information. Simply click on the "Re-order" link and enter your payment information.

            Are products always available?

            Though we take every measure to ensure that we advertise only those items which we have in stock, occasionally certain products are announced by the manufacturer and are shown here online even though they are not available. If an item is not yet available, we'll use our best efforts to give you the anticipated delivery date when you place your order. Anticipated delivery dates are based on information supplied to us by the manufacturer and are subject to change. If you choose to place an order, and we are unable to fulfill them, a refund will be issued to you.

            Do I have to pay sales tax?

            In accordance with current law, we are required to collect sales tax on all orders delivered in at the prevailing rate of sales tax in each location. Tax exempt organizations located in must fax a copy of their tax exempt certificate and a copy of their invoice to 0844 238 0024. Upon the receipt of this information we will remove all tax charges from the purchase.

            What is Rush Processing?

            Your order will be processed on the same day and will typically ship the next business day. Processing applies only to items being shipped by UPS and must be ordered by 3:00pm EST. Rush processing does not ensure same day shipping. Rushing processing is not the same as rush shipping.

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