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            FAQs about orders during COVID-19 pandemic.

            Can I still place orders and will my orders be delivered.

            Yes, Shoplet.com is fully operational and is available to accept orders. Please note that due to increased demand and the strain on the infrastructure outside of our control, delivery times may be longer than usual.

            Please do not ship orders to buildings that may be closed due to governmental or other local restctions, for example schools, non-essential businesses, etc...

            Are you still accepting returns?

            Usual return policies and procedures are still in effect with some exceptions below. Please take a look at the returns faq

            Please note the following products / product categories cannot be returned:
            Toilet Paper
            Paper Towels
            Sanitizing Wipes
            Food Items
            Hand Sanitizers
            Face Masks
            Protective Barriers
            Cleaning Sprayers

            How should I handle packages?

            For COVID-19 information and guidance please refer to World Health Organization

            Is your customer service available?

            Our customer service agents are available to answer any additional questions you may have. Please refer to our contact us form, or call us at 0844 238 0012

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