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            Shoplets Affiliate Marketing Program

            Do you have an affiliate program?

            Shoplet.com has partenered with both the PepperJam Exchange and Commission Junction.

            How can I join your affiliate program?

            Currently we work exclusively through these two networks. If you already have an account with one of these networks please sign in and contact us through the interface. If you need additional assistance, please email us at affiliates@shoplet.com.

            What's in it for me?

            • Potential to earn commissions of up to 7% based on performance (excluding online gift certificates)
            • Quicker payments $25 minimum commission threshold
            • 7-day return tracking - get credit for purchases from repeat site visitors
            • Simple, easy-to-use tracking and reporting, 24 hours a day
            • Next day delivery on many products means more sales for you
            • Receive our monthly newsletter with highlighted products and links, marketing tips, contest and promotion news, company news and much more
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