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            V Blog Journal

            September 15, 2015

            Anastasia Pashalis, digital marketing and business...

            Grasping your audience’s attention is the key way of optimizing email marketing opens. In order to do so, subject lines are the most important, but what some companies don’t take advantage of is the subheaders.

            CEO Blog Nation

            September 11, 2015

            #9 - Passion

            There is a great quote that truly captures the essence of passion in finding one's purpose. Regardless of where your passions lie, I'm sure every passionate entrepreneur has experienced this feeling many times throughout their pursuits.


            September 1, 2015

            Best Career Advice for Millennials

            Believe in your vision, but be realistic. Have a solid plan for how you intend to reach your goals and build your empire, but remember that as the road changes, so must you.

            The Zebra

            June 18, 2015

            Father's Day Gift Guide

            For the neatnik Dad, a trunk organizing system might be just the thing: from Shoplet

            Wandering Leader

            February 7, 2014

            Interview with Shoplet.com CEO

            Tony Ellison is the founder and CEO of Shoplet.com – the leading online supplier in office supplies in the USA, Canada, and the UK. With over 50 full time employees at their Manhattan office, and the ever changing world of eCommerce.


            November 25, 2013

            Savvy ways to finance holiday inventory

            As consumers draw up their holiday budgets, retailers are doing their own calculations about how much inventory to stock. Careful planning can make the difference between a holiday that finishes in the black and one that's covered in not-so-festive-red.

            Doubt the Doubts

            November 18, 2013

            How to Develop a Vision with Tony Ellison

            Tony Ellison witnessed the web's early years as a senior executive with Goldman Sachs' private client services division. Tony was one of the first financiers to recognize the internet's potential in retailing, and, in 1994, he struck out on his own.

            Smallbiz Technology

            October 28, 2013

            Top Ten Cities for Online Small Business...

            PayPal recently unveiled the Top Ten Cities for Online Small Business in the United States, based on total payment value of it's current customer base. This is the first time ever that Paypal has revealed such data relative to it's small business services.

            Global Business News


            Humor, Humanity and Creativity in the...

            Tony Ellison is the founder, CEO and chairman of Shoplet.com. Over the last 19 years he has built up Shoplet.com as the number one virtual eTailer in the Office Product category affording over 3 million businesses the opportunity to engage in...

            Retail Merchandiser

            July, 2013

            Leading a Transformation

            A focus on profitability, innovation and sustainability helps Shoplet.com remain a leader in online retail, and become the number one virtual retailer in the office product category.

            Jennings Wire

            February 8, 2013

            Real Stories Of Branding Strategies That Worked!

            Do they like you, do they really like you? That depends. Do 'they' even know who you are, what you do and why you do it better?

            HR Hero

            January 20, 2013

            Getting a handle on emotional intelligence...

            Proponents of a diverse workforce understand that an employee group made up of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds has a lot to offer. In spite of the advantages of diversity, though, employees' differences can lead to a lack of...

            Internet Retailer

            January 10, 2013

            Shoplet.com Named to Internet Retailer's...

            Shoplet.com, the office/business supply industry's online retail authority and champion of small and medium-sized businesses, is proud to announce that it has been named #73 on Internet Retailer's inaugural Social Media 300 list for 2013.

            Nerd Wallet

            December 18, 2012

            The Google Shopping Search Tool...

            Google unveiled a revamped shopping service, Google Shopping, in the fall that ranks product listings in part by the amount vendors bid for them to be listed.


            December 3, 2012

            3 Small Biz Davids vs. Their Goliaths

            The challenge: Taking on Staples (SPLS, Fortune 500), Office Depot (ODP, Fortune 500), and an army of smaller office-products stores.

            Internet Retailer

            November 26, 2012

            Shoplet.com: A wide selection

            Online-only office supplies retailer Shoplet.com competes against its big chain competitors by offering a broader selection of products and a better shopping experience, says Tony Ellison, CEO of office supplies retailer Shoplet.com.

            Find the Right Job


            What to Wear? The New Rules of Job Interview...

            You scored the big interview. You're ready for all the hardball questions. But you have one big question mark: What will you wear? Find out what's appropriate for your interview... and what's not!

            Bloomberg Businessweek

            October 26, 2012

            Vegepreneurs Set Their Sights Beyond Food

            Vegetarians represent a small minority of the U.S. population, but their numbers have been increasing steadily, from about 1 percent in 1994 to 4 percent this year, according to a survey commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group...

            Small Business Opportunities

            October 8, 2012

            Shoplet.com Offers Easy Home-Office Buying...

            There are currently 38 million home based businesses in America. Due to the cost effectiveness of running a business out of one's home, a new home based business appears every 12 seconds.

            Internet Retailer

            August 23, 2012

            Timing is everything when it comes to daily deals

            Online-only office supplies retailer Shoplet.com competes against its big chain competitors by offering a broader selection of products and a better shopping experience, says Tony Ellison, CEO of office supplies retailer Shoplet.com.

            AMEX Open Forum

            July 13, 2012

            Does Your Small Business Have an Emergency Fund?

            If there's one lesson that came out of the Great Recession, it's to keep a cash cushion so your business can ride out disaster. But how much should you tuck away? And where should you put the money?

            AMEX Open Forum

            April 16, 2012

            Top 10 Eco-Friendly Office Products

            Your small business might not have the resources to go green from top to bottom. But you can make an environmental impact by making small changes.


            April/May/June 2012

            Digital Giant

            When Tony Ellison began virtual "e-tailer" Shoplet.com in 1994, the rest of the office-products industry had barely begun to offer online the stock that filled the back rooms of their retail outlets.


            April 11, 2012

            The Message Is In The Medium

            If a customer buys a Hewlett-Packard printer, Shoplet.com CEO Tony Ellison wants to get out an email 90 days later inviting a toner purchase.

            The Network Journal

            March 24, 2012

            Spring Cleaning: De-Clutter Your Office

            As the old saying goes a clutter desk equals a cluttered mind. But sometimes it is difficult to create order in a chaotic work environment.


            March, 2012

            Retain Top Performers in a Tough Economy

            Since 2009 revenue is up 40 percent, and headcount is up 45 percent to 65 people. We believe that no idea is a bad idea.

            Exceptional People

            January/February 2012 Issue

            Top 20 Exceptional Business Icons of 2010...

            CNN Health

            February 15, 2012

            Obese children outgrowing kids'...

            In middle school, Taylor LeBaron struggled to fit into his seat. The desks in class had a ceramic plate attached to the chair.


            January 12, 2012

            Free Shipping: How Does it Really Impact Your...

            If you sell a product online, you've probably spent time considering whether to offer free shipping to buyers. It's not a universal perk that ecommerce stores offer, but it's not uncommon, either.

            CNN Health

            January 4, 2012

            B2B E-commerce: How an online retailer garnered...

            Getting a granular look inside an individual marketing campaign can be informative, but sometimes it can be helpful to see the entire picture of the overall marketing strategy covering many channels.

            Successful Meetings

            January 1, 2012

            3 CEOs Weigh In on Muffingate

            While it's up to staff members several rungs below the C-suite to analyze the catering and other meeting details, Nick Balletta, CEO of the webcasting service TalkPoint, feels it's often up to the CEO to decide which meetings should happen at all.


            December 5, 2011

            What You Wish You Knew Before You Started...

            Sometimes when starting a business you have no clue what you are about to get yourself into and then 2 years later after the bumps in the road just keep coming you think to yourself "Wow I wish I would have known that beforehand..."

            Successful Meetings

            December 5, 2011

            Tony Ellison, Founder of Shoplet.com

            "I knew that if I delivered a superior buying experience that was based on service, simplicity, and selection customers would find us and stay with us."

            Exceptional People Magazine

            November-December 2011 Issue

            Transforming the Office Supply Business

            As the founder and CEO of Shoplet.com, Ellison's vision to change the way business owners and corporate America shop for business products has revolutionized the office products industry.

            YFS Magazine

            November 28, 2011

            Help Wanted: 14 Tips on How to Hire...

            Long-term business success is fueled by learning how to attract great employees and most importantly, understanding what it takes to keep them.

            Business 2 Community

            November 1, 2011

            The Future of Social Media: 38 Experts Share...

            With only two months remaining until the end of the year, there is no better time than now to pause and take a look towards the future. I predict that 2012 will be...

            New York Enterprise Report

            November 1, 2011

            The Top 10 Reasons I'll Never Go...

            With only two months remaining until the end of the year, there is no better time than now to pause and take a look towards the future. I predict that 2012 will be...

            New York Enterprise Report

            October 20, 2011

            Shoplet delivers with an m-commerce site.

            Because Shoplet.com is a web-only business, it is critical that the merchant enables all consumers, not just most, to successfully access the site.

            September 28, 2011

            The Biggest Challenges Facing Small Business...

            Right now, we need small businesses to boost the sagging economy. But it's tough going for small businesses. To see where small business owners are facing challenges...

            September 14, 2011

            5 Ways To Thrive In A Overcrowded Industry.

            "The industry was already crowded with the big guys like Office Depot and Staples, and back then, no one really knew what e-commerce was; but I had read papers suggesting...

            New York Enterprise Report

            October 20, 2011

            Playing Favorites: Identify Your Best Customers.

            Let's face it. We all have our favorite customers -- the ones who pay promptly, handle problems respectfully and, most important, give us repeat business. So why waste our time on any other kind?

            Retail Merchandiser

            September 28, 2011

            Shoplet: An Online Office.

            The vision behind Shoplet is fairly simple: to create the ultimate single source environment where businesses can procure office products, according to Tony Ellison, CEO, president, and cofounder. Founded in 1994 as e-commerce...

            June 2010

            Keep it simple

            Web-only office supplies retailer Shoplet.com sustained triple digit growth from 2001 to 2006. Even last year, in one of the worst economic environments in the past 50 years, it grew an Internet Retailer-estimated 33%...

            New York Enterprise Report

            June 2010

            Shoplet.com finds its niche

            When Tony Ellison founded online-only office supplies retailer Shoplet.com in 1994, the office supplies space was crowded with big-box retailers. Sixteen years later, the category is still crowded.

            Retail Merchandiser

            May 2010

            Pure Play

            Ellison points out that office supplies are a good fit for online retail, as most shoppers don't feel the need to see paper, staples or printer toner before making a purchase.

            June 2010

            The greening of the Internet

            Green" is such a hot marketing buzzword that it's contributing to global warming. More people than ever before want to save the planet, and while they don't always know exactly what that means...

            New York Enterprise Report

            October 15, 2009

            Easing the Switch to Green Office Supplies

            No matter what business youre in, you use office supplies, and greening these office supplies is step in the path toward a more sustainable business. Shoplet.com is helping more businesses and consumers choose green office supplies...

            September 14,2009

            Shoplet.com Offices Take All Precautions To...

            For Keith Baumwald and his co-workers at Shoplet.com, an online office supply retailer, it's all about sanitizing. In their Financial District office, there are dispensers of hand sanitizer in the entry and the sales department, hand wipes...

            May 07, 2009

            With new loyalty program, Shoplet cleans up...

            A six month-old loyalty program at online-only discount office supplies retailer Shoplet.com produced 25% more sales in the first quarter of this year, collectively...

            September 11th, 2008

            Shoplet gives buyers alternative source...

            As the pool of major brick-and-mortar office suppliers keeps shrinking due to consolidation, there's a growing cadre of web-based office products suppliers that aim to give buyers more product options and leverage with their office spend...

            June 4th, 2008

            Boise papers now available...

            BENSENVILLE - Boise Inc. announced that Shoplet.com, an online supplier in the office and office-related products sector, has added a broad range of Boise-branded paper products to its online offering....

            March 11, 2008

            Shoplet.com adds eBillme as a payment option

            E-retailers Etronics.com, 4AllMemory.com, Shoplet.com, Canada Pharmacy and Cymex.com have added eBillme--a service that allows consumers to pay for purchases via bank bill pay programs...

            January 10, 2008

            For b-to-b success, don't think big

            In reaching today's small to midsize businesses, leveraging multiple touch points to reach clients in a meaningful fashion is a categorical imperative - not just for acquisition...

            December 15th, 2007

            What Life in Modern Marketing Looks Like...

            It's my job to keep an eye out for trends, examine consumer behavior, motivations and also keep an eye on competitor movements.

            December 5th, 2007

            Gift buying Perfect for the office

            Cygnette Snooze Grooze: Makes waking up for work a more pleasurable experience. Can make a personalized play list for them to download. $68.95

            November 20, 2007

            Printing Up Problems

            Could something in your office be making you sick? A recent study suggests your laser printer could be doing a lot more than printing papers. 7's Michelle Releford reports that it could be "Printing Up Problems."...

            November 9th, 2007

            Buying The Right Computer Furniture For The Job

            Tony Ellison, CEO of office supplier Shoplet (www.shoplet.com), says given that the upgrade cycle for computers and peripherals is on average three to five years...

            December 21st, 2007

            Dell Signs Online Retailer Shoplet

            Dell has named online office supply retailer Shoplet an official online partner, the companies announced Nov. 20, bringing Dell hardware and peripherals to Shoplet's more than 3 million subscribers, the companies said in a statement.

            August 28, 2007

            Green Back To School Supplies

            Recycled office products.

            August 6th, 2007

            Tip Du Jour: Cut stress at work by getting organized

            Tony Ellison, president and CEO of Shoplet.com, offers some tips to lower stress and improve performance and productivity in the office:

            August 6th, 2007

            Bubble wrap in your shoes and other office...

            Winning the award this week for finding new uses for products it sells are the fine folks at Shoplet.com. These geniuses have come up with "life-saving" new ways for women-on-the-go to use office supplies..

            August 9, 2007

            Quick fixes: Office supplies save the day

            Got a fashion emergency? Look no farther than your office supply closet for a fashion fix. Shoplet.com, an office supply Web site, offers these quick fixes...

            August 8th, 2007

            Online back-to-school-shopping...

            GI receive lots of email recommending various online shopping sites. But one from Shoplet.com helped me make the mental leap that online shopping could be a good option for busy parents bracing for back-to-school shopping.

            August 6th, 2007

            Bubble wrap in your shoes and other office...

            Every city girl should know the quick office fixes of putting your hair up with a pencil or using double sided tape to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Trend setting women...

            May 7th, 2007

            The big interview with Shoplet CEO...

            Shoplet.com is that rare thing, an e-marketplace that apparently makes money. OPI catches...

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